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I've been given a 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher. How does it work?

The Ave Pa’anga Pau Vouchers that may be obtained from TDB on this website are a means by which a Customer can, by paying an AUD Amount to  APP, arrange for  APP to pay the corresponding Pa’anga Amount to a person in Tonga.

How do I register to buy a 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher? Why do I have to do this?

a.     You can register with one of the following options

1.    Register with one of our APP affiliates in Australia
2.    Seasonal Workers can register in Tonga at APP/TDB before they go to Australia
3.    Filling our ‘Ave Pa’anga Pau application form online and send to
4.    Or do it yourself online by selecting the “Sign Up” or“Get Started” button from this website and complete the registration.

b.     You need to complete registration in order to create a secure account to enable to send money.

Where can the 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher be used?

Can be used to send money from Australia to Tonga.

Are there any transactions for which the 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher cannot be used?

Yes, you cannot use the AvePa’anga Voucher for amount over the limit of AUD 2500 a day and AUD 50,000 a year.

Can I use the 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher to get cash from any Branch in Tonga?

Yes, you can cash your APP Voucher from any of TDB Branches in Tonga

Why might a proposed 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher be declined by TDB?

If the funds will not be transferred to APP Regional Australia Bank Account on the day or the deferred to date.

How can I check the balance - the value left on the 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher?

At any time you can track the progress of your voucher through your secure web account. We will also send you notifications along each step of the process including receipt of your AUD funds and payment of the TOP Voucher

Do I have to draw all the cash on the 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher?

Yes, the entire Voucher amount must be drawn. However if you need to store TOP we can assist you in opening aTOP bank account with us. Speak to us in branch for more details when you collect the voucher.

Can I track my 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher?

Yes, you can track by going to the Profile section and select the Voucher Purchases to view status of your Vouchers. This is also displayed on your dashboard page and we will send you notifications informing you of each step.

Are there any fees for using the 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher ?

Registration is free and no fees apply for transfer.

Can I send a voucher to someone or beneficiary with no Bank Account?

No, all beneficiaries should have a TDB Bank Account and all vouchers are transferred to a beneficiary’s bank account.

Can I send a voucher to another Bank in Tonga?

No,  you can transfer to your TDB Bank Account then do an Internet Banking transfer to the other bank’s account.

Who can use the 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher?

Anyone can apply for an account. Ave Pa’anga Pau Vouchers can be used by a Customer that APP has verified the identity of the Customer to its satisfaction and in a manner that complies with APP’s obligations under AML Laws.

Does the 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher have an expiry date?

Yes, the voucher will expire the date stated on the Voucher Value Date but can be extended if requested.

What happens if there are still funds available on the 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher when it expires?

We will contact the sender and can extend the contract or refund the funds to the sender.

May an agent outside TDB  add a surcharge to the purchase fee?


What should I do if my 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher is lost or stolen?

Report to the nearest TDB Branch or contact us by email to or call us.

What are the terms and conditions of using these 'Ave Pa’anga Pau Vouchers?

You can click here to access our terms and conditions.

What is your privacy policy?

You can click here to access our privacy policy.

How do I contact you if I have more questions?

You can email us or call us at +676 24465

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