APP Vision and Mission

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Our Vision

Recognition as the leading remittance service in Tonga with potential for expansion to other Pacific countries contributing to the economic and social advancement of the people and its customers.

Our Mission

Committed to providing fast and reliable low cost remittance services improving financial inclusion for its people and its customers, while operating profitably as a subsidiary of the Tonga Development Bank.

Key Objectives

1.      Providing trustworthy, helpful and efficient service
2.      Being actively identified and  involved in our community
3.      Teamwork and co-operation
4.      Ensuring integrity in all APP dealings
5.      An innovative and responsive remittance subsidiary


Year 2017

Launching of Ave Pa’anga Pau for New Zealand -  14 February 2017.

Year 2020

Launching of ‘Ave Pa’anga Pau for Australia  – September 2020.

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